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Pixelmetrix DVStation-Pod Transport Stream Analyzer Pod-TSP

Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixel metrix - Pod-TSP
Pixelmetrix DVStation-Pod Transport Stream Analyzer Pod-TSP
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  • Code: BS16892
  • Model: Pod-TSP

DVStation-Pod is a one port tool ideal for the commissioning and installation of new systems. Models are available for ASI/SPI/SMPTE-310, QPSK, ATM, and COFDM. Light and portable, the product provides maximum visibility of RF, transport stream, and content troubleshooting.

Transport Stream Analysis

DVStation-Pod monitors an MPEG-2 transport stream and the Program Specific Information (PSI) contained within it. Bandwidth usage of each PID is listed by its service name for easier monitoring. Whether you are viewing by bar chart, pie chart or the time dimension, the service names are presented on the side so you can rectally more quickly when an error has occurred. The user-friendly interface enables you to sort the display by service name, type (video/audio/data) or bandwidth usage and also allows you to zoom in and out to examine the bandwidth usage more closely.

Transport Stream Capture

DVStation-Pod allows you to capture up to 96MB of the transport stream. Flexible pre- and post-event triggering allows you to specify what data to capture: before the event, after the event, or somewhere in between. Once the transport stream is captured, you can use the user-friendly interface to export it for analysis later.

Signal Analysis

RF models of the DVStation-Pod can monitor RF carrier frequency/level, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Bit Error Ratio (BER), Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Modulation Error Ratio (MER) as well as Reed-Solomon uncorrected block counts. The RF modulation constellation is also shown in real-time. Impairment detection and problem isolation of transport protocol, and RF signal performance are very helpful for troubleshooting. Additionally, the COFDM model for DVB-T network analysis provides powerful and convenient RF Spectral Power and unique Carrier Confidence displays. The ATM model of the DVStation-Pod accepts an optical input and detects errors in the SONET/SDH physical layer. Using either AAL-1 or AAL-5, the MPEG transport stream is extracted in real-time from a user-specified VP/VC for transport and content monitoring.


  • RF & MPEG Commissioning & Installation
  • Real-time Portable Analysis
  • Power & Performance at a Reasonable Price
  • Models:
     - ASI/SPI/SMPTE-310
     - QPSK L-Band
     - COFDM
  • Transport Stream Capture
  • Captured files off-line analysis
  • Full support for ATSC, DVB, and ISDB