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Peak Communication P701 L Band Downconverter IF to L-Band

Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication - P701
Peak Communication P701 L Band Downconverter IF to L-Band
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  • Code: BS18381
  • Model: P701

The P701 is a fully synthesised L Band frequency Upconverter and Downconverter. It is housed in a 1'U' high 19" rack mount chassis and is designed to connect between a Modem IF, and provide an L Band interface for an external, antenna mounted, L to SHF Block Up/Downconverter. The P700 is especially suitable for systems requiring an IBS and Eutelsat SMS compliant high stability low phase noise frequency converter for both data and analogue TV signals. The P700 is available in three options; the Peak Communication P701, a full Up and Downconverter, the P701, a Downconverter only and the P702, an Upconverter only.

The P700 L Band Up/Downconverter can upconvert 70 MHz signals to the range 925 to 1525 MHz and downconverts L Band signals in the range 950 to 1750 MHz, to 70 MHz.

The frequency converter provides a high stability 10 MHz reference signal and a 16.5 V DC signal for both the transmit and receive paths to power the external Block Up and Downconverter. The P700 also includes an integral 1 for 1 redundancy controller and a full remote control capability via a selectable RS232/485 port. The P700 has a non volatile memory which allows the operator to store up to 10 transmit and 10 receive configurations.

This handbook covers the operation and installation of a P700 L Band Up/Downconverter. Users of the P701 Downconverter and the P702 Upconverter should read the appropriate sections relating to their equipment only. Note : The menu structures for the P701 and P702 will differ from the P700 as various sections of the transmit or receive menus will not be included.



The P700 will upconvert a 70 ± 20 MHz signal to a frequency within the band 925 to 1525 MHz and will downconvert signals within the range of 950 to 1750 MHz to 70 ± 20 MHz. Both transmit and receive paths feature two stage frequency conversion and can be set to a frequency resolution of 125 kHz. The unit features a large multi-character LCD display, membrane keyboard and menu driven software for control and configuration of the unit. The unit has a built in 1 for 1 redundancy controller and can be remotely controlled via a RS232/485 port. Figure 1 shows an overall block diagram of the P700.

The P700 is fully software controlled; there are no links or switches used to configure the unit. This enables all control and configuration to be programmed either locally or by remote control. All the configuration parameters are stored in non volatile memory that will retain data for a minimum of 3 years with no power applied.


The P700 is housed in a 19 inch 1'U' high chassis, suitable for rack mounting. It is 534 mm deep and may be fitted with rack slides if required. Figure 2 shows views of the front and rear panels of the P700.

At the front of the unit is the keyboard, LCD display, LED indicators, and a monitor port. The operator is prompted by messages displayed on the LCD to enter data via the keyboard. In this way the P700 may be configured for use, and the set up changed, if necessary. The LEDs provide a quick visual indication of the operational status of the unit. The monitor port permits connection of a PC or serial printer to obtain a listing of the internal traffic log, or the unit's configuration. 

Technical Details

  • Input frequency range 50 - 90 MHz
  • Input impedance/return loss 50 Ω, better than 18 dB
  • Input Connector type BNC, 50 Ω, female
  • Output frequency range 925 - 1525 MHz
  • Output impedance/return loss 50 Ω, better than 14 dB
  • Group delay responsefc ± 5 MHz: 2 nS
  • fc ± 10 MHz: 3 nS
  • fc ± 15 MHz: 5.5 nS
  • fc ± 20 MHz: 7.5 nS