PASTERNACK PE2000 2 Way BNC Power Divider From 2 MHz to 500 MHz Rated at 1 Watt

  • $121.00

  • Model Number: PE2000
  • Product Code: BS18697
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Pasternack carries a wide selection of power dividers to fit your needs. These components are essential in many systems, allowing the combination of multiple signals or splitting of a single signal into multiple signals with equal magnitude and phase. Pasternack’s resistive and Wilkinson power dividers come with excellent performance featuring minimal loss, high isolation and low VSWR.

They are available in both narrow and broad bandwidths with a variety of connector types such as 2.92mm, BNC, N and SMA. The PE2000 is a 2-way reactive power divider that operates from 2 max insertion loss and 25 dB min isolation. The package interface compliant.

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