Optical Systems Design Power supply for OSD370/350 card chassis

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Optical Systems Design Power supply for OSD370/350 card chassis

The OSD921 is a 3RU high (133mm) power supply unit designed to fit into the OSD standard card chassis such as the OSD370 (single supply version) and OSD350 (dual supply version) The OSD921 provides power to the OSD370/350 chassis back plane on which are mounted fourteen/twelve 9-pin female D connectors through which +12V regulated DC voltage is fed to plug-in cards.

The OSD921 power supply unit is normally used as a power source. One OSD921 is capable of providing power for most combinations of plug-in cards. Check the current rating at 12VDC of all cards to be used within the chassis to confirm that the rating is not exceeded. Individual product datasheets provide the Chassis Current Consumption (CCC) for each plugin card: the total of these in the chassis must be less than the rating of the OSD921 Power Supply Unit, ie 6 Amps total.

The OSD921 supply has a built in cooling fan. The cooling fan operates only when high temperatures are experienced on the power supply whilst under heavy load and/or high ambient temperatures. There is a Temperature Alarm LED on the front panel of the OSD921 that is green during normal operation and will be red when the operating temperature exceeds the normal operating limits of the supply.

Technical Details


    110 - 240VAC 50/60Hz


      +12VDC ±0.1V at 6 Amps

        Output Ripple

        Typical peak to peak ripple at full load is less than 50mV


        Regulated to ± 0.1V at full load Indicators +12V on LED Temperature Alarm

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