Optical Systems Design OSD860R Digital Video Data, and Audio Multiplexer

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The OSD860 series is a high-quality digital video, data, audio and IP optical fiber transmission system. The system consists of an OSD860 transmitter and OSD860 receiver which are designed to be used as a pair. The OSD860 standard product provides forward transmission of two, four or eight channels of PAL, NTSC or SECAM video and one way transmission of four data channels. The OSD860 can also be configured with the following options;
  • Full duplex data operation.
  • Transmission of four audio and/or four additional high speed data channels.
  • Reverse path transmission configured to provide any combination of four audio channels and/or four data channels.
  • Alternatively, the system may transmit eight audio only or eight data only signals either one way or full duplex.
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connections via an RJ45 connector.
Technical Details
  • Uncompressed 9 bit video, 24 bit audio encoding, giving professional quality transmission.
  • Fiber optic transmission of four or eight video signals on one fiber with four RS232 and RS422 data signals (two of each) which may be one way with the video or, optionally, full duplex.
  • Optional transmission of four audio and/or four additional high speed data channels which may be one way or full duplex. Alternatively, the user may transmit eight audio or eight extra data signals, again either one way or full duplex.

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