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novella satcoms test translator

Novella Satcoms Test Translator

The term Test Loop Translator designates a range of frequency converters, usually with the same or similar input and output coverage and bandwidth, with fixed or Pre-set Local Oscillator (LO), and preset gain.

Some models may be supplied with an agile or pre-settable LO and adjustable gain. They are used to translate signals between uplink and downlink segments of the same band, between uplink or downlink SHF segments and L-band, or between SHF segments of different bands.The more common models are supplied with a negative conversion gain, i.e., a loss. The most common conversion loss is around 15dB.Novella manufactures a variety of Test Loop Translators from SHF Tx bands to L-band, from Tx to Rx band in the same SHF segment, and between various SHF bands. Tables with the more common Test Loop Translators are given next. For other specifications and characteristics please consult Novella SatComs who will be glad to help and provide advise as to the various configurations.

Technical Details