Newtec AZIMUTH SERIES Newtec DVB-S L-band Satellite Modulator NTC/2180.xA

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  • Model Number: NTC/2180.xA
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As the successor of the well-established NTC/2080, the DVB modulator NTC/2180 has been designed both DVB + Skyplex contribution and distribution as well as for the TELCO and IP- world and where a high product flexibility is required for interfacing with other equipment. It handles symbol rates as low as 0.05 and up to 45/60 MBaud, covering all SCPC and MCPC applications. (Remark: although the modulator is handling data up to 60 MBaud and even beyond, all existing DVB receivers or IRD’s can only handle symbol rates up to max. 45 MBaud)

Besides its unique ability to transmit in SKYPLEX SCPC and TDMA modes, the DVB Modulator NTC/2180 also features 3 modulation schemes which are fully compliant to the DVB Standards: These are QPSK only for DVB distribution networks (EN300421), and QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM for DVB contribution & DSNG networks (EN301210) Both the high data rate and the choice of 3 modulation schemes allows one to work in full compliancy with the more recent commercially available QPSK-8SPK-16QAM- IRD’s and demodulators.

Newtec AZIMUTH SERIES Newtec DVB-S L-band Satellite Modulator NTC/2180.xA

Technical Details
  • DVB compliant and SKYPLEX (*) compliant modes
  • DVB and TELCO (*) interface boards available
  • Bandwidth efficient 8PSK and 16QAM modulation, with 35% or 25% roll-off for low satellite cost
  • 55 kbit/s up to 216 Mbit/s interface rate (FEC- and Modulation- dependent)
  • RF frequency in the range of 950 to 1750 MHz and up to 18400 MHz when NTC/3736 installed (option)
  • Ovenized 10.0 MHz reference frequency and
  • External 10.0 MHz reference input/output (option)
  • L-band monitoring output (fixed)
  • L-band combining input (when NTC/3736 installed: Option)
  • Excellent performance in combination with NTC/2179/Nx, NTC/2163/xx and NTC/4197/AB demodulators
  • Programmable amplitude equalizer
  • Local & remote M&C access to all menus through a
  • web interface (Http protocol)
  • RS-485/RS-232 (RMCP v2 protocol)
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port (RMCP v2 protocol)
  • Support for one SNMP alarm trap
  • User programmable menu structure
  • Action Keys (group of commands under 1 button)
  • Introduction of external LO frequency
  • Level indication offset
  • Programmable level-steps
  • Real-time clock for alarm occurrence logging
  • Internal test-generator, PRBS counter
  • Dynamic build-up of alarm menu
  • Very compact: 1 RU (height : 4.4 cm !)
  • Highly reliable Newtec design
  • Low cost
  • CE label
  • Diagnostics generator

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