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Newtec LCU 2042 L-Band/140-70MHz Converter Unit NTC/2142/cx

Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec - LCU 2042
Newtec LCU 2042 L-Band/140-70MHz Converter Unit NTC/2142/cx
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  • Model: LCU 2042

Newtec LCU 2042 L-Band/140-70MHz Converter Unit NTC/2042/cx

Part of the Azimuth family of Frequency converters/ combiners, the NTC/2142 is an agile IF to/from L-band/RF frequency-synthesized up down converter. Moreover, the modularity offers the user a wide variety of configuration alternatives. This is ranging from a simple IF to L-band up- converter or an L-band to IF-band down-converter to a more complex simultaneous up- and down-converter with integrated RF up-and down block converter (C-, Ku-, DBS/K-band etc.).

For even more flexibility within a specific application, active L-band splitters and combiners, and/or a conditioner module for outdoor frequency converters and LNB’s can be added as well.

The IF to L-band up converter module (NTC/3474) has a frequency input range of +/- 20 MHz for the 70 MHz frequency band and +/- 40 MHz for the 140 MHz frequency band. On the output, the frequency is adjustable between 950 MHz and 1750 MHz.

The down converter module (NTC/3475) is covering the entire L-band for reception, i.e. from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.

A combination of both modules also allows direct frequency conversion to and from 70 MHz / 140 MHz via the intermediate frequency connectors. Further integration of frequency conversion to or from any RF band is also possible.

The unit characterizes itself by its very low spurious characteristics and a very high 48 Hz resolution. Not only the gain is programmable but also calibrated, giving a flat frequency response over the entire IF-L range. The adjustable down converter gain can be programmed to take into account the coax cable loss.

It’s high frequency stability is determined by the 10 MHz reference module (NTC/3462/Ax), which is available in 2 versions (high and very high stability). This module evidently also provides a 10 MHz signal for external devices, as well as the possibility to lock the unit to an external master clock.

For the above-mentioned user-specific applications, the outdoor conditioner/active splitter module NTC/3750/Az offer a wide variety of extension possibilities. Depending on the version chosen (5 versions: see data sheet for further details), one can use this as a simple multiplexer to add a 10 MHz on the same L-band cable (used for e.g. outdoor HPA’s with integrated block up converters), or add on top of it an LNB power supply or a 22 KHz frequency.

When the NTC/2142 is used with the Newtec external RF frequency converter (NTC/2505/ZL), the version 3750/AC yields the L-band signal multiplexed with a 100 MHz reference, a 5 MHz bi-directional monitoring and control signal and the unavoidable 24 Volt power supply over the same coax cable. Alternatively, the active 2-input L-band combiner/4-output L-band splitter option (3750/AA) can be selected for situations where e.g. a received signal from 1 or 2 LNB’s needs to be distributed to several demodulators or IRD’s.

All Control and Monitoring parameters are available locally on the front panel (LCD display & keyboard) and remotely through a web interface (Http) or through the RS-485/232 port or through the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port. The last two use the RMCPv2 protocol. There is optionally an SNMP + MIB agent.

Another unique feature is its ability to switch from 70 MHz or 140 MHz with or without spectrum inversion, and independently for the Up- and Down converter part.


Technical Details

•Simultaneous IF to L-band and L-band to IF frequency agile converter

•Programmable IF : 140 and 70 MHz, switchable

•BW : 70 MHz ± 20 MHz and 140 MHz ± 40 MHz

•IFL : 950-1750 MHz (up converter)

2150-950 MHz (down converter)

•Calibrated gain frequency response over entire frequency range (up converter)

•Frequency resolution : 48 Hz

•Low spurious response

•Phase noise according to Intelsat IBS / Eutelsat SMS specs

•Adjustable gain / Spectrum inversion

•Ovenized 10.0 MHz reference frequency and external 10.0 MHz reference input and output

•Rx and Tx measured level indication

•Direct RF Freq. read-out

•Up - Down converter, enable/disable

•L-band input/output combiners/splitters in option

•Wide choice of RF frequency ranges in option

•Local & remote M&C access to all menus through a
* web interface (Http protocol)

* RS-485/RS-232 (RMCP v2 protocol)

* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port (RMCP v2 protocol)

•User-programmable menu structure

•Action Keys (group of commands under single button)

•Real-time clock for alarm occurrence logging

•Internal test-generator and detector (PRBS counter)

•Very compact: 1Ru (hight:4.4 cm !)

•CE label

•Dynamic build-up of alarm menu

•Diagnostics generator