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Newbury MLS-2HD

This unite have these options

2 embedded SDI-HD inputs,

2 AES digital inputs,

8 stereo analogue inputs and flexible metering options

The MLS range of compact 2U x 19” monitoring loudspeakers are a three way active design. The two channels are completely independent (other than a common power supply). Each channel uses two high quality bass / midrange drivers in a push pull arrangement. The dome tweeter is mounted in front of the rear facing bass / midrange driver. Each driver has its own power amplifier and is fed from an active crossover. The loudspeaker drivers are magnetically shielded and the unit can be used in close proximity to television picture monitors.

Technical Details


• 2 stereo analogue inputs

• 2 digital AES inputs with sample rate conversion

• 32K, 44.1K, 48K, 96K and 192K sample rates supported

• Decoded line level balanced analogue output

• Electronically latched and illuminated legendable input selection buttons

• Electronically balanced inputs and outputs

• Magnetically shielded loudspeakers allow use in close proximity to picture monitors

• Independent left and right channel, 3 way active crossover loudspeaker design

• Loudspeaker driver protection circuitry

• Wide range of meter scales available