Newbury EC02-RML Emergency changeover unit

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  • Brand: Newbury Systems
  • Model Number: EC02-RML & EC02-CTL
  • Product Code: BS17702
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
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The ECO2/3 Systems are simple ‘passive’ emergency changeover units. Relays are used to route Audio (Analogue and AES) and Video (Analogue & SD/HD) signals. The unit fails safe to the main input if the power is removed.

• Rugged emergency changeover system available in two or three input versions. • Electrically latched, illuminated, legendable control buttons. • Passes signals in power off/fail situation (input 1 to output).

• Audio and Video signals can be controlled separately. • Control panel includes ‘Enable’ button to prevent accidental operation. • Status (tally) output for system interfacing. • Custom facilities and enclosures available.


Emergency changeover unit   EC02-RML

Emergency changeover control unit  EC02-CTL

Technical Details

Video changeover          Passband upto 1 or 2GHz

                                          suitable for analogue and

                                          digital SD/HD video signals. 

Audio changeover          Passband to 10Mhz,

                                           suitable for analogue and

                                          digital audio signals

Power requirements 230V 

Power consumption < 10W

Dimensions (W,H,D)


                      482mm, 44mm, 85mm

                      1U Rackmounting


                      482mm, 44mm, 160mm   

                           1U Rackmounting


ECO2/3-CTL 1400g

ECO2/3-RMK  2185g


Audio I/O                 25 way D female

Video I/O                   BNC

Control / tally              9 way D female 

Mains input                6A IEC


Front Panel             Dark Grey

Covers and          Alchrom

Back panel 

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