Nevion SL-3GHD1616 HD 3G 16x16 HD Digital Video Router with redundant power supply SL-PWR-40 without panel

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: SL-3GHD1616
  • Product Code: BS19410
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Nevion are proud to present the 2nd generation of the compact small and medium routing switcher family, Sublime. With Sublime, Nevion now provide a stable and proven product line including the most complete signal format and size offering available.

With the new ultra slim, multi format and flexible product range, Sublime fulfils the most demanding requirements from the professional broadcast market.

Technical Details
  • This User Manual presents the features, installation and operation procedures of the SD and 3G HD / HD routers of the Sublime range.
  • Router range from 8x8 to 128x128 
  • Software based Configurator for easy system set-up 
  • TCP/IP, RS-232 and NCB Control (RJ-45)
  • Programmable multi- single- and dual bus control panels
  • Ultra Slim frame depth
  • Low Power, high reliability design 
  • Redundant power supply system with front indicators
  •  Interoperability with existing VikinX routers
  • Future proof and flexible product range 

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