Nevion SDI-OE-L SDI Optical to Electrical converter

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: SDI-OE-L
  • Product Code: BS18108
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It provides high performance media conversion supporting 3G-, HD- and SD-SDI signal formats in addition to DVB-ASI, SMPTE310M and MADI. The modular design with the ability to quickly replace a whole unit with its optical modules attached makes the 3GHD-OE-2-SFP the first choice for mission critical applications.
Technical Details
  • Dual optical input
  • Up to -30dBm optical sensitivity
  • Automatic change-over on inputs
  • 2×2 input switch
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI reclocker
  • 1×3 electrical DA per converter
  • Optical level measurement
  • Temperature measurement

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