Nevion SDI-EO-D1550.92 SDI Electrical to Optical converter 1550.92 nm

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Nevion SDI-EO-D1550.92 SDI Electrical to Optical converter 1550.92 nm

The Flashlink SDI to Optical converter for DWDM is a multi bit rate converter module for use together with the SDI-EO-C1 connector module. The unit can handle bit rates from 143Mbps up to 540Mbps. An on-board cable equaliser provides up to 35dB gain at 200 MHz.

This will typically result in equalisation of more than 300 m of high quality coax cable at 270Mbps. The optical output is made with a DFB laser for wavelengths according to ITU-T rec. G.694.1 with channel spacing of100GHz in the C-band. The product is available in 40 different versions each with a unique wavelength.

Technical Details


  • SDI data rate NRZ 143Mbps – 540Mbps
  • Equalisation Auto. up to 35dB
  • Impedance 75 ohm
  • Return loss >15dB @270MHz
  • SDI signal level nom. 800mV
  • Connector BNC


  • Power +5V DC /5W typ, 10W max, max four modules per FR-2RU-10-2 frame
  • Control Control system for access to set-up and module status with BITE (Built-In Test Equipment).

Electrical Output

  • Number of outputs 2
  • Connector BNC
  • Impedance 75 ohm
  • Return loss > 15dB @270MHz
  • Signal level SDI nom. 800mV
  • Rise/fall time typ. 650ps

Optical Output

  • Transmission circuit fibre 9/125 um Single Mode
  • Light source DWDM DFB Laser
  • Optical power 0 dBm
  • Optical power (option) +5 dBm
  • Optical centre wavelength According to ITU-T rec. G.694.1
  • Number of wavelengths 40 C-band wavelengths
  • Channel spacing 100 GHz (0.8 nm)
  • Max. wavelength drift ± 0.16nm
  • Jitter (UI=unit interval) 0.135 UI max. @ 270 Mbps
  • Return loss Better than 40 dB typ.
  • Maximum reflected power 4%
  • Connector SC/PC acc. to SMPTE 297M

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