Nevion SDI-CHO-2x1 2x1 SDI change-over with relayed input bypass

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Nevion SDI-CHO-2x1 2x1 SDI change-over with relayed input bypass

The flashlink SDI-CHO-2x1 is a serial digital video 2x1 change-over module providing high performance line protection for various signal formats from 1Mbps up to 540Mbps. The unit can be configured to perform cable equalizing and reclocking of SMPTE 259M and DVB-ASI signal formats. The switching criteria can be selected to be based on loss of input signal or loss of lock (re-clocker). The switch can either be latching or non-latching (in loss of lock mode, only latching switch is available). It is also possible to control the switch with GPI inputs, with the GYDA system controller or with the open protocol RS422 interface.

Technical Details


  • Re-clocking:                                                                                 Automatic clock rate detection Supported clock rates:                                                                                                         143, 177, 270, 360 and 540 Mbps


  • Power:                                                                                        +5V DC / 3W Max.
  • Control:                                                                                      Control system for access to setup and
  • module status:                                                                         With BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) for use with Multicon                                                                                                        Gyda Control System

Supported standards

  • SMPTE:                                                                                       SMPTE259M, SMPTE305.2M,SMPTE310M, SMPTE344M
  • DVB-ASI:                                                                                     EN50083-9

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