Nevion MCON-HW-MK4 Multicon Mk4 Hardware with MCON-SW-FL-80

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: MCON-HW-MK4
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Nevion MCON-HW-MK4 Multicon Mk4 Hardware with MCON-SW-FL-80

The Multicon product provides fully integrated state-of-the-art element management and system control capabilities for Flashlink and VikinX systems. Multicon supports a wide range of applica- tions ranging from optical network monitoring and configuration to router control.

The Multicon product provides element managemen tv and system control capabilities for Flash- link and VikinX systems. The software may be licensed to supportvdifferent applications and is available in different product packages to support the main applications.

Multicon includes interfaces for web-based monitoring andvcontrol, hardware and software con- trol panels, automation systems and SNMP-based network management systems. The software also supports control of third-party devices using industry standard protocols.

The Multicon software is running on a dedicated hardware card that may be installed in Flash- link, Flashcase, N-BOX or VikinX Modular frames. Multicon is typically installed in an N-BOX to support Flashlink Compact and Sublime devices.

Multicon is the second generation system controller from Nevion replacing the former GYDA-SC, ETH-CON and Syscon products. Multicon is based on an open and distributed architecture and provides one platform to monitor and control both Flashlink and VikinX products. These features and a powerful third party plug-in interface allow for full control of the entire video transport chain.

The latest range of Flashlink SP&D cards have a large number of parameters that may require mod- ification in a production environment. Multicon provides the solution for easy access to control SP&D parameters from control panels or automation systems. This new feature allows the user to modify SP&D parameters like scaling, pan and zoom from control panels during operation of the card.
Technical Details
  • User-friendly web GUI for monitoring, configuration, and control of Flashlink and Viking
  • Support for up to 80 Flashlink cards

− Status information and card configuration

− Hot-swap of cards − Remote firmware upgrade

  • Support for VikinX Sublime, Compact, and Modular

− Level control, virtual routing, and salvos

− System with multiple controllers

  • Integration with hardware and software control panels
  • Alarm management and forwarding

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