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The flashlink LIS-SDI line synchroniser synchronizes the output SDI to the Black&Burst signal with an adjustable phase relative to Black&Burst signal. The LIS-SDI deglitches the digital signal when upstream switching is performed. It is possible to correct false F (Field), V (Vertical blanking) and H (Horizontal blanking) bits in TRS sync words. The LIS-SDI has an option to shift the whole video picture up and down with respect to the Vertical sync.

The LIS-SDI can operate in two modes, with or without line sync (switch 3 or lsync on/off command). When the line sync mode is off the card is used as a deglitcher. Then the output phase is not adjustable.
It is recommended that the Black&Burst is connected also when the card is just used as a deglitcher. The Black&Burst will insure that the output frequency is correct even if the input signal is lost. When the line sync mode is off, the SDI output is delayed by half a line with respect to the first SDI input detected. Any SDI used as input to the deglitcher must not be off phase by more than half a line with respect to any other input presented to the deglitcher.

When the line sync mode is turned on the LIS-SDI is used as a line synchroniser and a deglitcher. The output is synchronized to the Black&Burst. The output phase is adjustable over a full frame with respect to the Black&Burst. The internal video buffer is only one line long. Therefore the phase of the output SDI must be from 41 samples to 1 line and 41 samples after the input SDI. The internal processing delay is 41 samples. It is important to know the phase of the input SDI signals.

Technical Details


Digital Serial Input

  • Input format: 270 Mb/s scrambled NRZI (4:2:2
  • SMPTE 259M-C)
  • Output level: 800mV nominal, 75ohm terminated
  • Equalization Automatic up to 35 dB (300 m Belden8281)
  • Return loss: > 15 dB

Black&Burst input

  • Input signal SMPTE 170M/PAL ITU 624-4
  • Return loss > 35 dB up to 5.75 MHz

Digital Serial Output

  • Output format: 270 Mb/s scrambled NRZI
  • Output level: 800 mV nominal
  • Return loss: > 15 dB


  • Input voltage:  DC 5 VDC –15 V
  • Power consumption: < 3.2 W
  • Minimum delay: 41 video samples
  • Maximum delay: 1 line and 41 video samples

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