Nevion LB-OE L-Band optical to electrical converter, 950-2150 MHz, 25dB link budget

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  • Model Number: LB-EO
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The Flash link LB-EO is an electrical to fiber optical converter module providing high-performance media conversion for analog signals with a bandwidth from 950 to 2150 MHz. This state-of-the-art unit offers low noise amplifiers and a high-quality laser diode technology with low distortion and is capable of amplifying large signal levels. The attenuator is a high-performance digitally controlled device, giving low distortion and flat frequency response.

The Flash link LB-EO is therefore the first choice for all-optical transport demands on L-band. The Flash link LB-EO converter and the Flashlink LB-OE converter can transport all L-band signals between 950 and 2150 MHz over long distances using fiber optical transport media.

The optical output comes with a sophisticated wideband laser diode designed to convert the electrical signal to optical giving very little intermodulation and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. There is also an attenuated electrical monitor output for test and service purposes as well as a remote control interface.

Technical Details
  • Frequency band width       950-2150 MHz
  • Return loss             >10dB
  • RF interface            F-connector
  • Gain flatness        ±1.5dB over entire band 
  •                                  ±0.25dB at any 36 MHz
  • Maximum usable input signal       < -5dBm
  • Maximum input signal without damage      >+10dBm
  • Inter modulation products (two carriers, 5dB optical loss)       < -55dBc (15T/CWDM) < -45dBc (13T)
  • Link gain        40dB
  • Optical link budget       16dB/50km (15T/CWDM) 6dB (13T)
  • 1dB compression (output)      0dBm 

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