Nevion HD-EO-D15xx.xx HD Electrical to Optical converter 15xx.xxnm Single Mode, DWDM DFB Laser, 19.4-1485Mbps, Input EQ, Reclocking

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  • Model Number: HD-EO-D1555.75
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Nevion HD-EO-D1555.75

Unmatched signal accuracy, even in critical applications with pathological signal patterns makes the 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx first choice for all optical transport demands.

The 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx can transport all HD and SD signal formats in addition to DVB-ASI and SMPTE310M. It performs electrical equalizing and signal re-clocking, which is selectable on application. High-quality optical transmitters using narrowband temperature stabilized +5dBm DWDM DFB lasers. 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx is suitable for medium and long-haul applications. The open system platform of the Nevion Flashlink system allows easy interoperability with third-party fiber optical systems.

The 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx unit has also two electrical outputs, which reduces the need for additional DA’s. The electrical input is equipped with a multi rate cable equalizer providing equalization of typically 75m of high-quality coax cable at 2970Mbps.

Technical Details


  • Long haul video transport
  • Optical networks
  • Video contribution
  • Dark fiber networks

Key features

  • +5dBm laser for extended reach
  • Automatic input equalization
  • Automatic reclocking of all video signals including DVB-ASI
  • Automatic reclocker bypass of non-video signals

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