Nevion Gyda-SC controller

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The Nevion GYDA System Controller is an advanced control and monitoring card for the flashlink system. The card occupies a single slot in a flashlink® frame and can control and monitor up to 8 flashlink frames, each with up to 10 flashlink modules, a total of 79 modules.

The controller connects to a standard 10BaseT twisted pair Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol. The user uses a standard web browser to configure and monitor the flashlink system (i.e. no special software is needed on the PC, any PC with a web browser will do). All relevant manuals are also available via the web interface in adobe PDF format.

For users with large heterogeneous systems, the controller supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), a generic TCP/IP based protocol for management of a wide variety of devices. The controller software is located on a removable compact flash card (the same card type frequently used on digital cam-eras), and can be easily upgraded by copying new files to the flash card. New software can be downloaded from our web site.

The controller module has four GPI inputs and a GPI open collector output. The output is a “catch all” error output. The inputs are general purpose, intended for monitoring external equipment like battery backup systems, climate control and power supplies. Note that all flashlink® power supplies have GPI outputs, which can be used as inputs to the controller.

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