Nevion FRS-3G-DUAL Dual 3G-SDI frame synchronizer

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Nevion FRS-3G-DUAL Dual 3G-SDI frame synchronizer

The Flashlink FRS-3G-DUAL is a high density frame synchronizer module holding two 3G-SDI frame synchronizers.

The onboard de-glitcher removes any glitches from switching and ensures error-free video outputs making the module ideal for applications in conjunction with video routers.

The module offers a simple to use configuration and monitoring of the product through SNMP, web interface and control panels when connected to the Flashlink controller Multicon GYDA. The main features are also available through DIP switches enabling manual configuration of the module.

Technical Details
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI support (level A only)
  • Dual frame synchronizer
  • Up to 8 frames delay per channel
  • Deglitcher ensures error free outputs

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