Nevion FR-2RU-10-2-MKII 2RU modular frame for 10 modules with 2 PSUs

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The FR-2RU-10-2, hereafter called "sub-rack", is a compact sub-rack frame, providing space for up to 10 Flashlink modules of any combination, in addition to two fixed positions for power supply modules. The sub-rack features maximum flexibility as every module comes with a suitable back-plane module, which takes up n x 7TE spacing. This means that any combination of all modules can be fitted into the sub-rack, or expanded / rebuilt in the future, when other functionality is needed. Each sub-rack has an address setting available through DIP-switches on the rear, for use in combination with the GYDA-SC System Controller card. The Flashlink system is built on a low-power consumption philosophy where no fans are needed. This saves the user from fan replacements, fan cleaning and fan filter kits.
Technical Details

General specifications

AC Power:




AC power supply module 100-260 VAC.

DC Power (optional):




DC power supply module 36-72 VDC.

Redundant Power

PWR-AC15/15/5/5V or




483 x 88 x 178 mm (19”, 2RU).

Card slots:


Power Supply slots




Internal voltages:

+5V, -5V, +15V, -15V.

Front view

The front view of the sub-rack shows status LEDs for each module that is included in the sub-rack + two green LEDs for the power supply modules.

The uppermost LED of each module card is a "general status" LED.

-          Green light means that the card is OK.

-          Red light means that the card is faulty.

-          No light means that the power is not switched on.

The meaning of each LED on the module cards is described in their respective manuals.

 Rear view

Figure 2 shows an example of a fully equipped Flashlink sub-rack, seen from the rear side.

To the left is the connector module for the power supply delivered with the sub-rack.

The other connector modules are described in their respective user manuals.

Power consumption

The current draw in the Flashlink frame is limited by the power supplies. Overloading the power supplies will cause the power units to malfunction.

The maximum power limits are as followed:

Flashlink frame with the PSU 16653 PWR-AC-75W:










 Flashlink frame with the PSU 11374 PWR-AC15/15/5/5V:










The sum of power for all cards on each rail must not be higher than the above listed limits. The power consumption for each of the power supply rails is found in the user manual for each Flashlink card, as this is not the same for all Flashlink cards.


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