Nevion FCS1000-Plus In-service Monitoring System

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The NEVION FCS1000-PLUS unit is a compact and cost-effective unit designed to monitor and assess the integrity of professional digital video broadcasting transmissions over DVB-ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) [1], HD-SDI or SDI (Serial Digital Interface) [2] [3], and IP networks.

A single NEVION FCS1000-PLUS unit can simultaneously monitor and analyze up to 16 input streams. The ASI measurement and monitoring process follows the recommendations of ITU ETR101 290 [4] and is augmented by further service critical analysis which has been included in the light of customer experience. The SDI monitoring makes use of EDH (SMPTE RP165) checks alongside extensive analysis which includes embedded audio (up to 16 channels), teletext etc. FCS1000-PLUS also monitors video traffic at the IP transport layer, which makes it a complete solution for all video monitoring needs.

Technical Details

The main features and functionality of the NEVION FCS1000-PLUS are detailed below:

  • Sixteen independent streams (64 programs per stream) can be monitored per system.
  • SMPTE292 HD-SDI, DVB ASI and SMPTE259 SDI (ITUR 601 / ITUR 656) capable.
  • IP Monitoring of up to 256 IP flows.
  • Full monitoring of integrity, presence and activity for each stream, with alarms if predetermined conditions occur, e.g. loss of input.
  • Checking of all DVB input streams to ETR 101 290 levels 1 & 2.
  • Checking of CRC parameters on HD-SDI input streams.
  • Checking of EDH parameters on SDI input streams.
  • Stream profiles configurable for both ASI and SDI to check service content
  • High impedance passive ‘loop-through’ signal inputs.
  • Dual video monitor outputs, SDI or Analogue, with 16-way multiscreen viewing capability of SDI inputs.
  • Web based configuration and monitoring.
  • 10/100/1000 baseT Ethernet management port.
  • Local serial port for configuration. (9600 baud 8N1 VT100)
  • 20 General Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIO)
  • SNMP v2c compliant Traps/Informs for integration with network management systems.
  • Full internal diagnostics.
  • Reed-Solomon checking.
  • All parameters remotely configurable.
  • Firmware remotely downloadable.
  • Self-contained unit in a 1U standard rack mount chassis.
  • Auto 110/240 V AC operation
  • EMC [5] tested and compliant

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