Nevion Dual Stereo Audio DA Converter DAC-AES

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: DAC-AES
  • Product Code: BS17312
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The Flashlink ADDA-AES-8 is an audio converter with both 2x stereo A/D and 2x stereo D/A converters located on a single module. The module may be used as a stand-alone module well suited for high density modular audio conversion or stand-alone applications with the one slot N-box. It may also be used an auxiliary module to the AV-3G-XMUX on a dedicated connector panel. With the second generation Flashcase this option only occupies one module slot.

The Price is only for the card

Technical Details


  • High integration level
  • High quality
  • Easy configuration


  • Audio conversion application
  • Studio infrastructure

Key Features

  • 4 analog audio inputs and 4 analog audio outputs
  • External AES11 reference input
  • 2 AES inputs and 2 AES outputs
  • 107dB(A) dynamic range A/D conversion
  • 105dB(A) dynamic range D/A conversion
  • 48 or 96kHz sampling frequency
  • Manually controlled gain settings

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