Nevion Dual Stereo Audio AD Converter ADC-AES

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The ADC-AES card is a reference quality audio A/D converter that will convert four analogue audio channels with the highest possible quality and produce two AES3 stereo digital audio signals. Each converter has dual AES outputs which are available on the balanced backplane. Only one output per converter is available on the un-balanced backplane. The card may be used with, or without an external AES clock signal and may be run at nominal or double sampling rates. The ADC-AES has internal clocks for 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz based rates but can be used with any external sampling rate 29 kHz – 100 kHz.



Reference quality audio

Easy configurable



Audio conversion


Key Features

24-bit reference quality analogue audio to AES converter

Two independent converters on one board

Typical dynamic range of 117dBA

Transformer balanced AES outputs

Internal sampling rates 44.1, 48 and 96kHz

Available with both balanced and un-balanced outputs

Technical Details

Power .9W/5V, 0.8W/15V, 0.7W/.15V
User interface Status LED, configuration DIP switches
Web interface and SNMP through
Multicon controller
Operating temp. 0 – 40C

Supported standards
AES3-2003, AES11-1996
Digital audio input
No of inputs 4
Signal type AES3
Connector DB-15F, 110 Ohm
Analog audio input
No of inputs 4 stereo pairs
Connector DB-25F
Impedance 24k Ohm
Dynamic range typ. 107dB(A)
Frequency 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
A/D conversion 24 bit
Digital audio reference
No of inputs 1
Signal type AES11/AES3
Connector DB-15F, 110 Ohm

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