Nevion DA-AES balanced Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier Dual 1x4 or single 1x8 AES3 110ohm

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: DA-AES
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The DA-AES is a Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier. The DA-AES can be configured as either 1 input and 8 outputs or dual 1 input and 4 outputs. The Distribution Amplifier supports sample rate 15-96 kHz and has balanced inputs and outputs. The DA-AES is designed for all digital audio distribution purposes in studio, duplication and Broadcast applications.

Technical Details

Electrical Input:

  • Number of inputs:                         1 or 2
  • Standard:                                         AES-3
  • Supported Sample Rate:             15-96 kHz
  • Signal Amplitude:                         0.2-7Vp-p
  • Connector:                                     DB15 balanced
  • Impedance:                                   110 ohms nominal

Electrical Output:

  • Number of outputs:                         8 or 4+4
  • Connector:                                         DB25 balanced
  • Signal amplitude:                             4Vp-p ±1Vp-p
  • Impedance:                                       110 ohms nominal


Configurable dual 1 input to 4 outputs or single 1 input to 8 outputs


  • Power:                                                    +5V DC / 0.5 W
  • Control:                                                  Control system for access to setup and module status with BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) for use with GYDA Control System.

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