Nevion DA-AA 1x8 Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: DA-AA
  • Product Code: BS17319-1
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The Nevion DA-AA is a dual 4 output analog audio distributor. The DA-AA ] 1x8 amplifier. The latter configuration is made by connecting the inputs in parallel or using DIP switch on PCB. The distribution amplifier has differential inputs and differential outputs.

Overall gain can be set by DIP switches or by potentiometer for high precision gain setting. The gain range setting is from -12 to +12 dB. The input signal can be mixed to the other channel using a DIP switch. The distribution amplifier handles analog audio signals from 20Hz to 80 kHz. The DA-AA is designed for all audio distribution purposes in studio, duplication and broadcast applications.

Nevion DA-AA 1x8 Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

Technical Details
  1. balanced analog audio input
    • High quality audio distribution
    • Configurable dual 1x4 or single 1x8 distribution amplifier
    • Left/right swapping capability
    • Gain setting for professional and consumer equipment
    • DIP switch gain compensation 10kOhms / 600 Ohms load
    • Precision gain adjustment
    • 2 high impedance (>10 kOhm)
    • 8 low impedance (<55Ohm)
    • balanced analog audio outputs

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