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The Flashlink ADC-SDI is a high-quality 10-bit NTSC/PAL composite 4:2:2 to digital video converter. ADC-SDI user parameters can be changed via switches on the unit, or via the GYDA control interface.

To aid digital to analogue conversion of the digital output the ADC-SDI may generate a white pulse to mark first field of an 8-field-PAL/4-field-NTSC signal. If the digital to analogue converter is able to detect this, it will synchronize to the correct field (8-field-PAL/4-fieldNTSC) when synchronizing to an external Black & Burst-generator. The Flashlink DAC-SDI is able to do this.

Technical Details

1.1   Digital Serial Output


Output format

270 Mb/s scrambled NRZI

Output level

800 mV nominal

Return loss

> 15 dB


1.2   Analogue input, both PAL (625/50) and NTSC (525/60)


Input formats



Input level

1000 mV nominal ± 10 mV

Return loss

> 35 dB


1.3   Processing performance


Signal path

10 bits

Video processing delay

2 video lines


1.4   Electrical


Input Voltage

DC 5 V

DC –15 V

Power Consumption

< 2.6 W

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