Nevion AAV-DMUX 2 ch Stereo Analogue Audio De-embedder without optical input SDI output with re-clocker

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The AAV-DMUX card is an analogue audio de-embedder card for serial digital video for four audio channels. It is one of the Flashlink series of modules, providing a compact and cost effective solution for the transport of digital video and audio over single mode optical fibre.

The card has a serial digital video input and a serial digital video output. There is an optional optical input which will be used automatically if an optical signal is present. When the optical option is present, the card switches automatically between the two inputs looking for a valid signal. The first valid signal found will be used until lock is lost, then the other input will be tried etc. This makes redundant fibre feeds easy to implement with just an extra SDI-OE card.

The optical receiver is compatible with both single and multi-mode optical fibre and may be used as a receiver in point to point, CWDM and DWDM configurations. The analogue audio outputs can be configured for different output levels. The maximum level can be set to levels between +12 dBu and +24 dBu. All audio outputs have independent outputs which are electronically balanced.

Nevion AAV-DMUX 2 ch Stereo Analogue Audio De-embedder without optical input, SDI output with re-clocker

Technical Details


  • Power: +5V 480mA 2.4W, +15V 100mA 1.5W, -15V 46mA 0.7W
  • Control: DIP switches, Gyda system controller.
  • Monitoring: Front panel LED’s and Gyda system controller .
  • EDH processing: Full. Received flags are updated, new CRCs arecalculated.
  • De-embedding level SMPTE S272M C – Synchronous audio at 48 kHzand extended data packets
  • Audio Delay: 0.67 ms (12+20 audio samples)
  • Video Delay: 2.1 µs

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