Nevion 3GHD-EO-D 3G/HD Electrical to Optical converter

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Nevion 3GHD-EO-D 3G/HD Electrical to Optical converter

The Flashlink 3GHD-EO and 3GHD-EO-2 is a single or dual multi bit-rate electrical to optical converter module providing high performance media conversion for various signal formats from 19.4Mbps up to 2970Mbps. Unmatched signal accuracy, even in critical applications with pathological signal patterns makes the 3GHD-EO and 3GHD-EO-2 the first choice for all-optical transport demands.

The 3GHD-EO can support a number of different broadcast formats. The correct configuration can either be set with a DIP switch or with the GYDA Control System. The layout of 3GHD-EO is shown in the drawing below with the DIP switch to the upper left position 

Technical Details


  • Power +5V DC / 3.5W, max
  • Control Control system for access to setup and module status with BITE (Built-In Test Equipment)
  • Temp. range 0 to +40 °C


  • Supported standards for electrical and optical ports: SMPTE292M, SMPTE259M, SMPTE297M, SMPTE305.2M, SMPTE310M, SMPTE424M, DVB-ASI EN50083-9.

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