Nevion 2RU modular frame for 10 modules with 2 PSUs FR-2RU-10-2

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: FR-2RU-10-2
  • Product Code: BS17314
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The Flashlink modular frame is a light weight frame holding up to 10 Flashlink cards. The frame provides high reliability thru the Flashlink family design of no active components on the backplane, low power allowing for not having fans in the frame and redundant power supply solution. Both AC and DC power supplies are available.

The architecture is hot-swappable from the front without any need for re-cabling. Also, replacement of cards does not affect signals on other cards. With an element manager installed in a Flashlink system, card configurations will be copied at hot-swaping of cards removing the need for any re-configuration.

Technical Details


·       Easy configuration

·       Low OPEX

·       High reliability



·       Optical broadcast networks

·       Optical service provider betworks

·       Redundant signal transport

·       Studio infrastructure

·       Video transport

·       Video signal processing

·       Video distribution


Key Features

·       10 module slots

·       Easy configuration

·       No fans

·       Two power supply slots

·       No active components on backplane

·       Comprehensive control and monitoring


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