Nevion 1x8 SD-SDI distribution amplifier DA-SDI

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  • Brand: Nevion
  • Model Number: DA-SDI
  • Product Code: BS17318
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DA-SDI is a 1×8 SD-SDI distribution amplifier that is DVB-ASI compatible on 6 outputs. 75Ohm AES-3id is also supported. The input features automatic cable equalizer and re-clocker.

Technical Details


  • SDI distribution
  • ASI distribution
  • AES distribution

Key Features

  • 6 non-inverting outputs, 2 inverting outputs
  • Re-clocking rates 143, 177, 270, 360, 540Mbps
  • Configurable reclocker bypass for non-video bitrates
  • Configurable EQ defeat for low bitrates

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