Neutrik NA3F5F 3 pole XLR female 5 pole XLR female

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  • Model Number: NA3F5F
  • Product Code: BS17615
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Based on Neutrik's XX series of plugs and jacks, this Gender Conversion Adapter permits signal flow from a 3-pole XLR female jack to a 5-pole XLR female jack, thus bridging the gap between termination points which customarily cannot connect to each other. It has been pre-wired and features a zinc diecast shell with nickel plating to ensure durability.

Features & Benefits
Versatile, pre-wired and ready to use adapters to reliably interlock various connector systems

• Professional look and compact space-saving design, based on the XX Series

• Rugged diecast shell for best reliability

Technical Details

Technical Information

Title:                                                 NA3F5F
Connection Type:                          Adapter

Contact resistance                        ≤ 3 mΩ
Dielectric strength                         1,5 kVdc
Insulation resistance                     > 2 GΩ
Rated current per contact            3 A


Insertion force                                 < 20 N
Withdrawal force                             < 20 N
Lifetime                                             > 1000 mating cycles
Locking device                                 Latch lock


Contact plating                                2 µm Ag
Contacts                                           Brass (CuZn39Pb3) (5 pole female)
Insert                                                 Polyamide (PA 6.6 30 % GR)
Shell                                                   Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
Shell plating                                     Nickel


Temperature range                     -30 °C to +80 °C

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