Network VikinX VD1616 Modular SD Serial Digital

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Network VikinX VD1616 Modular SD Serial Digital

The VD1616 is a 16x16 serial digital video Router with vertical interval switching. This state of the art Router provides maximum quality with a data rate of up to 360Mbps, automatic cable equalizing on all inputs and re-clocking on all outputs. High performance circuits in SMD technology assure undiminished signal quality. The VD1616 is well suited for all demanding routing tasks in digital studio and Broadcast environments. The built-in RS232 interface allows the user to control the Router via our THOR Router Management System with many operational features. The control bus technology allows the linking of the unit with the A1616 or AD1616 to create an AFV Router. In addition, it is possible to control the Router from one or several VIKINX control panels. Another unique feature of the VIKINX.16 series is the possibility to reconfigure the Router via the configuration switch on the back-plane to create several formats of Routers:

  • 16x16 Serial Digital Video 1 layer
  • 8x8 Serial Digital Video 2 layer
  • 5x5 Serial Digital Video 3 layer
  • 4x4 Serial Digital Video 4 layer
Technical Details


VD1616 Serial Digital Video

Router ~ 16x16

  • Data rate NRZ: 143Mbps - 360Mbps
  • VIT input: Comp. Video 1Vpp,300mV sync, 75 ohms
  • Number of inputs: 16 terminated
  • Equalisation: Automatic up to 300m (Belden 8281)
  • Number of outputs: 16
  • Re-clocking: on outputs (VD1616NRC non-reclocked)
  • Impedance: 75 ohms
  • Return-loss in/out: > 15dB (10MHz-270MHz)
  • Signal level: nom. 800mV
  • Rise/fall time: typ. 650ps
  • Connector: BNC
  • AC power: External power supply 100 – 260 VAC
  • DC power: ±5V, connector DB9 male
  • Dimensions: 483x44x300 mm (19", 1RU)

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