Tandberg MX5640 Multiplexer 4RU, 6 DVB ASI Input cards, 1 DVB CA cards

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  • Brand: TANDBERG
  • Model Number: MX5640
  • Product Code: BS18056
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The MX5600 series video, audio and data multiplexers are ideal for mission-critical applications. The powerful stream processing and Reflex™ statistical multiplexing makes them the flexible heart of any MPEG based broadcast system. The MX5600 range of multiplexers are suited for a wide range of multiplexing and re-multiplexing applications - including primary multiplexing in head-ends for DTH satellite, cable and terrestrial, contribution systems and re-multiplexing applications in cable and terrestrial regional head-ends. A wide range of options and integration with TANDBERG Television’s nCompass Control makes the MX5600 the ideal choice for any MPEG based broadcast system.

Technical Details
  • ·         MX5620 model – 2RU, 4 option slots

    ·         MX5640 model – 4RU, 12 option slots

    ·         3 DVB ASI copper outputs

    ·         Output rate up to 100 Mbps

    ·         Highly efficient multiplexing algorithms

    ·         Advanced re-multiplexing

    ·         ReflexTM statistical multiplexing

    ·         Control via TANDBERG nCompass Control

    ·         SNMP remote monitoring


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