Murraypro 4 Stereo Groups, Speakers, Phones, PPM, PHASE & Peak LED Mini-Mon3

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Murraypro Mini-Mon 3 PPM

4 Stereo Groups, Speakers, Phones, PPM, PHASE & Peak LED.


'Touch Latch' selection between 4 input Groups provides Flyaway Kit, Edit Suites and CARs with comprehensive and cost effective monitoring facilities. The 'Type 19' meters allow practical audio level monitoring with a surprising separation between meter and monitor, but is less suitable in larger Control Rooms. When jacked, the (level limited) Phones mute the ext Speaker' drive to provide high quality private monitoring of stereo sources.


UK Commercials now require monitoring for 'loudness', so a front panel switch feature provides an instant indication, with the Peak Level LEDs temporarily normalized (from +8.15 dBU) to +2.15 dBU, of Material failing to conform with ITU-R BS.1770-1.




2U High, 200mm deep, 4.5KG

4 x HiZ IP Groups

L+R channel muting

± 12dB gain

TrafficLight PHASE

Peak LEDs

Loudness monitor

-20 SMPTE mode

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