MPEG-2 Standard Definition Multi-pass Encoder E5775

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MPEG-2 Standard Definition Multi-Pass Encoders 

Achieving the best picture quality at the lowest bitrate enables operators to broadcast more channels in their available bandwidth over digital cable, satellite and terrestrial networks maximising return on investment of this valuable resource. For DTH operators offering TV services over satellite, cable or terrestrial networks, achieving the lowest bitrate can be used to provide multiple simultaneous services into the home, reduce transmissions costs and extend the reach of their broadcasts with higher levels of error correction - maximising return on network investment. 

TANDBERG Television has always led the market in providing encoding platforms that give optimum quality at the very lowest possible bitrates. The E5770 is the result of over 15 years in-house experience of creating high performance real-time encoders. With their unique multi-pass processing, the E5770 and E5775 provide world-class encoding performance for statistical multiplexing systems. 

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