Modulation Sciences FMMM-2

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ModMinder is an innovative, extremely accurate modulation monitor that revolutionises the way stations measure peak FM deviation. Because of the way ModMinder works, many stations--especially those which have "quieter" formats that do not use loudness processing--have been able to gain an extra dB or two of modulation while completely remaining within the limits of modulation allowed by FCC regulations: louder, legally!

While conventional modulation monitors use a Peak Flasher with a fixed response time of about 200 microseconds, ModMinder's response time is user- selectable up to as much as 900 microseconds. This more accurate measurement means that ModMinder ignores very brief instances of over modulation, allowing a station to either raise its average modulation or reduce its processing--or both. Typical improvements in modulation range from 1 to 4 dB. Stations find they can sound louder without losing the dynamic range of music programming.

Technical Details
  • Ultra-linear digital discriminator
  • Digitally selectable peak indicator, adjustable in 1% increments from 1 to 199%, independent of modulation polarity
  • Built-in voltmeter for AM and FM noise measurements
  • Carrier alarm with front panel indicator
  • Two wide-band outputs
  • True peak or semi-peak metering
  • Separate fixed 100% modulation indicator
  • High visibility rear-illuminated meter

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