Miteq UPC-A Uplink Power Control unit

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The Uplink Power Control System (UPC) is a self-contained, rack-mountable unit, designed for geo-stationary satellite communication systems. It adjusts the strength of uplink signals at IF frequencies to compensate for varying weather conditions. The UPC can be setup completely from the front panel or over a remote bus via a host computer. All monitor and control functions are accessible at the front panel as well as over the remote bus.

A customer supplied Beacon Receiver provides the UPC with a DC voltage proportional to the downlink signal strength.

The UPC is configured with one attenuator channel and is capable of up to a total of ten attenuator channels. Each attenuator is capable of providing up to 20 dB of power correction. In the event of an attenuator fault or power loss to an attenuator, the signal will be switched to a failsafe path. This fail-safe path is routed through the rear panel via a “U” link connection. This connection allows the user to install a fixed attenuator in each path.

The UPC is equipped with fully redundant power supplies.


Technical Details
  • Up to 10 attenuator channels
  • 20 dB correction range
  • Failsafe signal path
  • Fully redundant power supplies
  • RS485/RS422 selectable remote interface
  • Field expandable attenuator channels
  • DC and 10 MHz by-pass (UPC-L)

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