MITEQ U-9853-2-1K UpConverter 6.7GHz - 7.1Ghz tested

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  • Model Number: U-9853-2-1K
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MITEQ U-9853-2-1K UpConverter 6.7GHz - 7.1Ghz  tested

The MITEQ frequency converters are designed for advanced satellite communication systems and are available for a wide variety of frequency plans. Phase noise, amplitude flatness and spurious outputs have been optimized to provide the user with a transparent frequency conversion for all video and data applications.

A strong feature set of monitor and control functions supports powerful local and remote control. Among the features are control of frequency, attenuation and 64 memory locations for each converter where various setups can be stored and recalled.

Technical Details


  • Supports expandable NSU 1:N switchover series (D-323)
  • Amplitude slope adjust
  • Three monitor and control ports:
    1. Standard RS485/RS422 remote interface which can be substituted with RS232
    2. RS485/RS422 control interface (J7) which can be configured to control an external HPA or as an alternate remote interface
    3. 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
  • RF, IF and LO monitor ports
  • Automatic switching to external 5/10 MHz reference and electronic frequency adjust of internal reference frequency
  • Low intermodulation distortion
  • Better than IESS-308/309 phase noise
  • 64 programmable memory locations
  • 30 dB level control
  • External alarm input via contact closure
  • Date and time-stamped event log
  • CE Mark

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