Miteq Ku-band Upconverter U-9696-3 (extended band 13.75-14.50GHz)

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  • Brand: Miteq
  • Model Number: U-9696-3
  • Product Code: BS18542
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Miteq Ku-band Up converter U-9696-3 (extended band 13.75-14.50GHz)

These frequency converters use an internal synthesizer to provide frequency tuning. Level control is available via the front panel or the remote control interface.


Technical Details

•Local or remote control

•Output amplifier for increased dynamic range (upconverters)

•Low intermodulation distortion

•Low phase noise

•32 programmable frequency and attenuation settings

•Nonvolatile memory

•30 dB level control

•IF signal monitor output, -20 dBc


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