Miranda XVP-1801-FS HD/SD Frame Sync and ARC with XVP-1801-110-3DRP Rear Panel

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  • Brand: Miranda
  • Model Number: XVP-1801-FS
  • Product Code: BS19382
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The XVP-1801-FS will pass and delay automatically all 16 channels (four groups) of embedded audio to keep lip sync. Full audio processing, shuffling, downmixing and four AES in and four AES out channels, are available as an option. A higher level of audio capabilities is provided by a range of audio processor companion cards.

Technical Details
  •  Frame synchronizer and aspect ratio converter
  •  Advanced adaptive video deinterlacing for higher image quality
  • Automatic detection of film sequences
  •  Automatic ARC, using AFD (SMPTE-2016), VLI (RP-186) and WSS detection and correct reinsertion with the output
  •  Custom and fixed ARC presets
  •  Background keying capability during aspect ratio conversion which allows side panels or letterbox black bars to be filled with video or graphics
  •  Built-in proc amp, color correction and legalizer
  •  Processes and converts ancillary data such as CC (608/708) and timecode
  •  Perfect audio/video synchronization plus additional audio fixed delay of up to 2 seconds
  •  Optional 16 channels of embedded full audio processing, shuffling and downmixing
  •  Optional 4 AES inputs and 4 AES outputs
  •  Dolby E compatible
  •  Audio metadata processing (SMPTE 2020-A)

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