Miranda Oxtel Presmaster Control system PCS-001

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Presmaster is a powerful master control switching and channel branding system designed for automated, multi-channel environments.

The affordable Miranda Presmaster range is based on the Imagestore automated master control and channel branding system (see page 14). All video and audio processing functions, including mixing, keying, DVE transitions, character generation and voice-overs, are performed by one or more Imagestores. The Presmaster 100 panel can operate up to two Imagestores per transmission channel to provide control of up to five discrete video layers

Miranda Oxtel Presmaster Control system PCS-001


➤ Digital master control switcher for automated and manual environments 

➤ Up to 200 transmission channels can be controlled from one panel 

➤ Fast and easy to use interface with large, color touch screen display

➤ Rapid access to up to 80 source inputs fed from an external dedicated router or a large station router 

➤ Full group digital audio A/B mixing plus two stereo voice-overs, with optional multi-group mixing

➤ Up to four keying layers for inserting channel branding animations, stills and clocks

➤ Storage for up to 8000 full frames of video and up to 400 minutes of digital stereo audio

➤ Remote browsing and distribution of channel branding images and audio using Miranda’s Windows 95/98/00/NT™ based Media Distribution System

➤ Picture-in-picture squeeze and reveal transitions with Squeezy DVE option

➤ Easytext automated character generator option renders Unicode characters in real-time from serial or Ethernet data 

➤ Station clock and timer

➤ Full bypass capability and comprehensive redundancy 

➤ Machine control and full group audio metering

➤ Compact 7RU 19" rack and desk mountable panel

Technical Details

Video inputs

Video outputs

Video mixing Audio mixing

Keying capabilities DVE Character generation Image storage Animation playout memory Audio storage References Bypass Diagnostics Physical

Processing Interfacing

➤ Program A,program B (from external router),fill and key inputs. ➤ All component SDI 270 MHz to SMPTE 259M-C BNC (625/525 compatible). ➤ Mixer preview and preset inputs from router to preview monitors. ➤ Proc-amp/color field generators on each video input. ➤ Program,mixer/keyer preview and program A copy outputs. ➤ All component SDI 270 MHz to SMPTE 259M-C BNC. ➤ Optional analog composite mixer/keyer preview output. ➤ Copy feed fully equalised and regenerated.

➤ MIX-2000

A/B mixer option provides cut,fade and wipe transitions.

➤ Easysound

digital audio mixer option provides full group A/B mixing plus two stereo voice-overs (embedded and AES/EBU).Multi-lingual,multi-group audio mixing and cinematic multi-channel surround sound,including 5.1 audio,can be performed with Easysound Stand-alone. ➤ Two keying layers can insert animations,stills and clocks. ➤ Two additional keying layers with optional second Imagestore . ➤ Agile,two input Squeezy DVE option can perform picture-in-picture and squeeze and reveal type transitions

➤ Easytext

automated character generator option renders Unicode characters in real-time from serial or Ethernet data using a single keying layer ➤ 40 full frames of image storage,expandable up to 4000 full frames per Imagestore . ➤ 32MB+32MB (program+preview) memory per Imagestore, expandable up to 256MB+256MB.

➤ Easyplay

option provides storage for 40 minutes of digital audio,expandable up to 200 minutes per Imagestore ,for voice-overs and other inserts. ➤ LTC reference and video reference to Presmaster Control System & Imagestores (+/- 7 lines analog black & burst). ➤ Optional MBP-002 mechanical bypass for Imagestore allows program A input to pass unaffected in event of power supply failure.

➤ Imagestore

and Presmaster Control System

provide front panel indication of internal temperature,voltages,phase lock loop,configuration and operating history.


➤ 7 RU 19" rack or desk mountable panel Presmaster Control System:

➤ 2 RU 19" rack mount frame ➤ Weight 7.0 Kg (15.4 lbs) ➤ Weight 8.0 Kg (17.6 lbs) ➤ Operating temperature 0-40˚C ➤ Operating temperature 0-40˚C ➤ Power:90-240V,60Hz or 50Hz,50W ➤ Power:90-240V,60Hz or 50Hz,50W ➤ 10-bit 4:2:2 SDI ➤ Ethernet links between Presmaster 100, Presmaster Control System(s), and Imagestores. ➤ Imagestore ,automation,router and VTR control from Presmaster Control System via RS422,RS485 or RS232.

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