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The NTW-HD1616 is a 16x16 high definition serial digital video router with universal wideband technology to allow simultaneous switching of digital video signals from 143Mbit/s up to 1.5Gbit/s. NTW-HD1616 has automatic cable equalizing on all inputs and re-clocking with automatic standard selection on all outputs. Vertical interval switching is provided on a video reference input with PAL/NTSC color black.

The NTW-HD1616 is well suited for all demanding routing tasks in digital studio and broadcast environments. The built-in RS-232 interface allows the user to control the router via the i-Control PC software with many operational features. The control bus technology allows linking the unit with the NTWA1616 or NTW-AD1616 to create an AFV router. One or several NTW-16-ProX-Y remote control panels can control the NTW-HD1616 as well.

Technical Details


Data rate:    143Mbit/s - 1.5Gbit/s

VIT input:  Comp. Video 1Vpp, 300mV sync, 75 ohms

Number of inputs:  16 terminated

Equalisation:    Automatic up to 100m @ 1.5G ( Belden 1694A )

Number of outputs:   16

Re-clocking: On outputs, auto standard select

Impedance: 75 ohms

Return-loss: > 15dB (5MHz-1.5GHz)

Signal level: 800mV ±10%

Connector: BNC

AC power: External power supply 100 - 260 VAC

DC power: +5V, connector DB9 male

Dimensions: 483 x 88 x 35 mm (19”, 2RU)

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