Miranda MSG-5300HD Master Sync Generator OPT MSG-OPT-8612 MSG-OPT-8616 MSG-OPT-8643

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Miranda MSG-5300HD Master Sync Generator with the below active options.




The Miranda MSG-5300HD Master Sync Generator is a modular multiformat master sync generator designed for use in the most demanding broadcast and post production facilities. In master sync applications it may be controlled by the internal, high precision oven controlled master clock, or locked to an optional GPS receiver. In slave applications MSG-5300 can be genlocked to PAL and NTSC video, black burst signals, subcarrier and 5 MHz or 10 MHz clocks. All HD and SD outputs are individually timeable for synchronization of sophisticated video installations.

Two black burst and four tri-level sync outputs are available in the base unit, and several generator cards can be further added to expand the system capacity. This makes the MSG-5300 generator ideal for use in a mixed SD and HD environment. When two MSG-5300 generators are coupled to a MCO-5211 master sync change[1]over unit a fully redundant and fail-safe system is built for maximum protection. This simple configuration works as a master sync system or as a slave system genlocked to a master.

 An easy to operate navigation key and LCD display provides intuitive interface to all functions. Six complete instrument presets are stored in the device for instant recall and can be easily be exported to another unit. The unit can also be controlled and monitored by RS-232 and Ethernet.

Technical Details
  • Master sync generator and master clock with internal high stability reference that can be locked to the GPS receiver
  • Multiformat sync capability: 19 HD formats in addition to PAL, NTSC and standard definition SDI systems
  •  Two individually timed black burst outputs (up to 6 total)
  •  Four individually timed tri-level sync outputs for MSG-5300HD (up to 8 total)
  •  Two AES3 audio generators with one separate word clock output
  • Six complete instrument presets are stored for easy switching between application and standards
  •  Full genlock capability: 1 frame for HD; 2 fields for SDI; 4 and 8 fields for NTSC and PAL
  • GPS genlock and LTC generator option
  • SNTP server option
  • Up to 8 individually timed HD/SD-SDI test signal outputs
  • Lip sync moving element in SDI test signals synchronized to embedded audio “click”

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