MIRANDA Kaleido-X 1x KXA-GPI-GEN 4x KXI-16HS3 4x KXO-DUAL-3F 3G/DOLBY/embedded Audio

  • $17,500.00

  • Brand: MIRANDA
  • Model Number: KXA-FR7
  • Product Code: BS19177
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MIRANDA Kaleido-X 1x KXA-GPI-GEN 4x KXI-16HS3 4x KXO-DUAL-3F  3G/DOLBY/embedded Audio

Technical Details
  • Two router modules with 24 HD/SD outputs can be fitted in each frame
  • DVI and compressed (MPEG) video can be accepted with optional interfaces
  • DXF-200 optical DVI extension uses multi-mode fiber with SC connector to simplify long runs of up to 3300 ft (1 km). Provides EDID detection from the display allowing automatic resolution adjustment (see page 546)
  • Choice of multi-viewer remote control panels: simple Kaleido-RCP2 and advanced RCP-200 with router control (see page 60)
  • Internal router control by NVISION control panel system
  • Uses same input/output and GPI/Genlock modules as 4RU frame

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