Miranda Imagestore 300+ SD Master Control and branding processor

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Miranda Imagestore 300+ Logo

SDI dual layer logo inserter/downstream keyer

Imagestore 300+ Logo is an entry level, dual layer SDI processor for automated logo and graphics insertion, with optional EAS support and audio mixing/clip playout.


-entry level SD graphics processor with real-time operating


-Dual keying layers are ideal for automated logo insertion and ´light´ channel branding using internally stored media

-External fill and key inputs

-Emergency Alert System text/audio support (optional)

-Serial or Ethernet automation control, using widely supported Oxtel Series protocol

-Stereo audio playout for automated voice-overs

-Upgrade path to IS-300+ specification for more advanced channel branding and master control switching capabilities

Technical Details

The entry level Imagestore 300+ SD processor can be expanded to provide fully featured master control switching and channel branding graphics systems, and is available with a choice of hard or soft control panels. 

Key features and benefits 
SD processor with multi-level animation/still playout, automated character generation, dual DVEs, and AB mixing
Configurable to suit lightly branded channels or graphics-rich channels
Serial or Ethernet automation via single interface, using widely supported ‘Oxtel Series’ protocol
Integral video and 16/8 channel audio mixer can provide dual language 5.1 mixing plus 5.1 audio playout
PresStation panel provides advanced manual control of up to 200 Imagestore 300+ processor

SD 2RU Imagestore 300+ LOGO channel branding processor with A input, single fill and key, 128MB of animation playout storage, video relay bypass, single PSU and 10/100 Ethernet interface (RJ45)

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