Miranda DEC-1023 12-Bit 3D Composite to SDI Decoder with Probing including DEC-10NN-3SRP Single Rear Connector Pane

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  • Brand: Miranda
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The DEC-1023 is a high-quality composite analog video to SDI decoder designed for incoming feed applications. The DEC-1023 is a 12-bit decoder which offers adaptive filtering with 3D and 2D decoding. It also offers EQ, video proc-amp functions, VBI data processing, AGC, input validity and error detection reporting. Frame sync capability with TBC functions is offered as an option. When combined with one or multiple audio cards, you can select any of the audio channels to embed into the SDI signal. Each audio

output channel can be composed of a mix of any two audio input channels. It also offers thumbnail & ALM (audio level meter) generation and an optional Waveform/Vectorscope over IP of the output signal, which allows the operator to control and see the changes made to the signal. Optional probing functionality allows more advanced signal analysis over IP.

Technical Details


  • Composite analog video differential input with passive loop-through
  • Up to 5 SDI digital video outputs
  • Reference input with passive loop-through
  •  12-bit A to D conversion
  •  3D adaptive decoding
  •  Video processing control
  • Ancillary data blanking or pass-through
  • Automatic user calibration of components based on a known test pattern
  • Audio embedding of 8 channels (when linked with audio card)
  •  Frame sync option: timing, full phasing, and freeze modes
  •  Thumbnail generation
  •  Waveform/Vector over IP scope option (works with iControl)


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