Miranda CR3232-3GIG 32x32 3 Gbps/HD/SD serial digital video router with CP3232 32x32 button panel

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You will have received one or more routers, control panels, remote panel modules, power supplies, and a CD that includes documentation and software. See Figure 1.

The CR Series Compact Router family includes 1RU and 2RU routers, control panels, and remote panel modules.

The product family includes HD, SD, “3Gig,” and analog video routers. It includes AES and analog audio routers and machine control routers (a.k.a. port routers).

The 1RU control panels and routers include several formats: 16×16, 16×4, 16×2, and 32×1. The 2RU control panels and routers include 2 format: 32×32, and 32×4.

The product names indicates their size and type. For example, CR3204-AES indicates a Compact Router having 32 AES inputs and 4 AES outputs.

Similarly, a CP1602 is a Control Panel that lets you switch 16 sources to 2 destinations (by default). 

Technical Details

“3Gig” Video Routers

The CR1616-3Gig and CR3232-3Gig video routers support

2.97 Gb/s operation and several SWB and SD data rates.

HD Video Routers

The CR1616-HD, CR1604-HD, and CR3232-HD are “SWB” (super wide band) routers. They support a wide range of SD and HD serial data rates. They support DVB-ASI.

SD Video Routers

The CR1616-SD, CR1604-SD, and CR3232-SD support a wide range of SD serial data rates. They support DVB-ASI.

AES Audio Routers

The CR1616-AES and CR3232-AES routers support AE3id audio. The AES routers will switch in sync with a video reference if one is available and will free-run if no reference is available. If a video reference is not present, the router is asynchronous and it passes input signals straight through without any processing.

Analog Video Routers

The CR1616-AV and CR3232-AV routers switch NTSC (525i) and PAL (625i) formats.

Analog Audio Routers

The CR1616-AA and CR3232-AA routers switch analog audio signals. They pass the signal straight through and do no internal processing.

The CR1616-AA switches 16 stereo pairs and the CR3232-AA switches 32 stereo pairs. The analog routers do not perform mono switching.

Machine Control Routers

The CR16-PR and CR32-PR routers (a.k.a. port routers) switch machine control streams or serial data streams up to 1Mb/s.

The CR16-PR has 16 ports and the CR32-PR has 32. The ports are bidirectional, RS-422. Connections are point-to-point.

Machine control ports can be configured in several ways. Software is required for port configuration.


CRSC is a relatively new software tool that helps you create efficient, more easily used router networks. It configures both routers and remote panel modules.

CRConfig is nearly obsolete, but included on the CD. It is still useful for stand-alone networks.

Operating Modes

CR Series routers can be used in 4 general modes:

• A stand-alone router, with an attached control panel.

• A stand-alone network of routers and remote panels.


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