MIRANDA ABT-32-32-D110 audio bridge terminal Audio Breakout Box

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  • Brand: Miranda
  • Model Number: ABT-32-32-D110
  • Product Code: BS19181
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Transition processors (MCPMs, MCEs, and Imagestore 750s) and control panels communicate on an Ethernet LAN. When an operator presses control panel buttons (the ‘Transition’ button, for example), the control panel issues commands to a transition processor. The transition processor responds with status and (unless a problem exists) executes the command. When a command is successfully executed, the transition processor notifies the panel, which updates its displays and indicators accordingly.

Master control can work in conjunction with the NV9000 router control system. In such a config- uration, an MCE or MCPM (a channel) has access to the entire router input space, with the ability to assign any router source dynamically to control panel buttons. Most control panels can control one or more channels at any time — but usually one at a time. Operators can select which channel(s) to control. When you change channels, control panel updates take about a second. We say that the panel attaches the newly selected channel, and the channel’s own source layout, transition rates, and layer presets are available for use. Each channel can also be operated under automation. An MCE, MCPM, or Imagestore 750 can be controlled by multiple control panels. A panel can gang-control multiple MCEs and MCPMs or multiple Imagestore 750s.

Automation for MCEs and MCPMs uses NVISION Serial Protocol for Master Control; the Imagestore 750 uses Oxtel automation.

Master control operators can switch between control of MCEs, MCPMs, and Imagestore 750s without difficulty. The panel will adjust itself, particularly its display, according to the type of transition processor under control.

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