MicroVideo SDI 2x1 Emergency Switch

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The ESW201 is designed for applications requiring automatic emergency switching capability in the event of signal loss. The main program input in monitored and on loss of sync data, the output is switched to the secondary input.

If inputs are co-timed, switching in the VBI achieves a seamless changeover.

The automatic switching feature can overridden by the operator through external connection to the GPI, a simple switch is also provided on the front of the card to give users a quick method of switching between inputs. A tally output indicates when the switch has occurred.

The program path is maintained, even in the event of a power failure, through the inbuilt bypass relay.

Technical Details


2 x Serial Digital Video (270Mb/s) to SMPTE 259M (EBU Tech 3267-E), referred to as input A (main) and B (secondary).


 2 x re-clocked SDV (270Mb/s) on Program and Auxiliary output. In the event of power failure to the unit a passive bypass relay connects input A to the main program output. This can also be activated by a switch on the front of the card.


In “MANUAL” switch mode a closing contact to ground on the GPI input causes a switch to input B. In “AUTO” switch mode the card will switch to input B when the video on input A becomes invalid (loss or mis-aligned sync words for 2 fields). In Auto mode switching can still be activated by the external GPI input. A tally output is provided which indicates switch status. On the 1U frame GPIs and tallies are wired to a 15 way high density ‘D’ connector and are included with the frame. On the 3U frame the -CB option is required to provide the wiring of all card to two 25 way ‘D’ connectors.

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